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"Since I started following your CBS Marketwatch articles (started with the Facebook premise of yours when it was trading in the high teens) and then subscribed to Trading with Cody and then Scutify.com, my return over two years is roughly 1,650 percent. With the fat profits, my wife and I were able to move to New Mexico (due to weather) from Seattle and quit my job. We bought a boutique store in Santa Fe with the profits from your ideas." - Richie Holliday, 2015

"For years I struggled to understand the market and was generally too scared to invest in stocks and stuck with funds that made mediocre gains if any. I am now watching my portfolio grow and enjoying searching out new emerging markets and industries. I'm now feeling confident enough to branch out, just a little, on my own and find new companies to invest in. Without your site I doubt I would have ever felt confident enough to do that. Keep it up!" - Tommy Wisdom, independent investor, 2012

"Cody Willard, is one of the smartest guys on Wall Street, and he's also got the best hair on Wall Street." - Jay Leno, 2008

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